About Clinic

Modern technology, pain-free treatment, considerate and caring approach to patients, proper utilization of resources, highly qualified personnel - these very factors have been beneficial to the successful operation of Caraps Medline since 1998 and help the clinic maintain leading position.

At the initial stage the Clinic gave emphasis to reconstructive and plastic surgery, but in 2001 Caraps Medline was granted the status of a multiprofile clinic.

In 2014 Caraps Medline merged with the EVEX Medical Corporation group. As of today the corporation embraces the most extensive hospital network in Georgia and manages 78 clinics in six regions nationwide.

Our View

As a top priority of the company the Clinic’s management is keen on raising customer loyalty, meeting patients’ increasing demand and employing highly qualified personnel. Caraps Medline is entirely oriented on the customer interest; hence the introduction of any innovation by the management derives from public demand and priorities.

Caraps Medline, maintaining leading position, intends to expand its market share.