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EVEX Training Center -

The goal of the very first professional training center based in Western Georgia is to help improve medical service nationawide. Advancement of professional knowledge and skills, definition of training needs, tailor-made training courses, provision of trainings and establishment of examination system will be conducive to the development of postgraduate medical education system.


EVEX Training Center, through modern methods of education, theoretical lectures-workshops, and hands-on trainings, will enable medical personnel to have constant access to the latest achievements in medicine.


In addition to the coaching methodology the Center stands out in terms of top-grade infrastructure meeting international standards – auditoriums, classrooms dedicated to simulations, computer laboratory and a whole set of additional facilities.

Major Advantages: 

  • One-of-a-kind training center providing continuing medical education;
  • The very first training center in Western Georgia;
  • Exclusive co-operation with experts, clinics and organizations with international expertise;
  • Up-to-date coaching techniques, including video lectures;
  • Contemporary medical and non-medical infrastructure meeting international standards.


Target Group: 

  • Medical and non-medical personnel employed at EVEX Medical Corporation;
  • External partners including medical service providers, pharmaceutical companies, non-governmental organizations working in healthcare,  research and academic institutes, other stakeholders;
  • Natural persons with higher and vocational medical education;
  • Donors, including USG, UN Agencies and EU.

Address: 85a, Javakhishvili Str. 4600 Kutaisi, Georgia 

contact for more information

You can call:
Tel: (+995 32) 251 60 60
48str Lubliana. Tbilisi, Georgia 0159

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