Medical Tourism

Medical tourism

Why Georgia?

  • High degree of certification of medical personnel;
  • Bridge  between Europe and Asia;
  • Competitive pricing and up-to-date technologies.

Why Caraps Medline? 

  • A team of professional physicians;
  • Accurate detection of existing health problems;
  • We fully understand the complexity of medical treatment abroad both physically and emotionally. The department commissioned to communicate with international patients is trying to create the conditions to make you feel home and take advantage of an effective and safe medical treatment.  

How to get prepared for the travel?

  • Ask your  consulting physician whether your condition allows you to travel abroad;
  • In case you decide to continue treatment abroad, notify your consulting physician so that you could carry on your treatment without any hindrance;
  • Enquire more about the procedure and compare anticipated outcome of the surgery with your expectation.  Moreover, figure out what the upcoming stage of the treatment is like, what is the recovery duration;
  • Take into consideration that the final decision on your treatment is being made by your consulting physician after personally meeting and examining you.

What documents are required?

  • Permission for air travel (issued by consulting physician);
  • Health record indicating your anamnesis, physician’s prescription, diagnosis and scans performed (copy/original);
  • CD copies of the scans performed – X-ray/ultrasound;
  • Tomography / computed tomography (CT) (if available);
  • Personal physician’s letter (if available);
  • Our recommendations regarding treatment will be sent you within 48 hours. Prior to setting off to Georgia you will receive a notification about estimated expanses as well as detailed information about hospitalization and post-surgery stage. We’ll be pleased to render assistance with travel-related issues.

Additional service:

  • Booking flights or arranging any travel-related issue;
  • Interpretation service;
  • Meeting at the airport and ensuring transportation  within the country; 
  • Hotel accommodation for you and your companion/s.


NOTE: Please take into account that travel-related details should be provided in advance to schedule visits to the physicians as well as plan various procedures out.   

Service fee and payment information: Service fee can be paid by credit card ((Mastercard, Visa, America Express) or via bank transfer. The corporation is closely cooperating with world-famous insurance companies. Planning a treatment at our hospital you are kindly requested to receive an advance confirmation from the insurance company about the coverage of all costs related to your admission. If needed our department will provide cost estimate for the course of treatment.

contact for more information

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