25 April, 2016 BACK
Gigla Tumanishvili

Sometimes just a simple second may change the whole life and this very moment may turn into the beginning of a new life. I started my second life at the age of 29, when I decided to say good- bye to my overweight and opted for the stomach surgery. Now thanking back seems like I had not realized the pleasure awaiting ahead of me, but I am dead sure of what people feel having gone through this path earlier than me. The road to pleasure, success, happiness, joy, love, health, cheerfulness about sunny weather, thirst for life has proved to be so very pleasant that it is truly equal to the beginning of a new life.

There is another phase ahead when you need to start learning everything anew: eating, walking, breathing, sometimes even speaking but you do it with so much pleasure like never ever before, cautiously and with absolute responsibility.