25 April, 2016 BACK
Keso Gogotishvili

Keso Gogotishvili, 6, was hospitalized at M.Iashvili Children's Central Hospital by ambulance crew. Traumatalogists were facing a real challenge - amputation v. surgery. Keso had two fractures in her left shin, some soft tissue was missing, her thigh and leg muscles were injured. That was her pre-surgery condition. At the time one would hardly believe that the kid would get back to normal in a short while, would overcome all the challenges, easily recover from surgeries and, first and foremost, start fighting for the new future herself. That’s the way it happened. Keso Gogotishvili and her consulting physicians are the main protagonists of the medical event – the ones who saved Keso’s leg.


Keso’s parents and physicians are telling the story in a different way. To the parents the surgery is first of all unique since, despite utmost complex diagnosis, their daughter’s leg is safe. Sasha Kalantarov’s medical team find it hard to evaluate a 13-hour surgery as “unique.”  


Alexander Kalantarov, Professor, Head of the Department of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Caraps Medline Clinic:

We found the patient in extremely serious condition, her leg was awfully injured, a certain portion of soft tissue was missing, in simple words, the main shinbone was in the air. Soft tissue on Keso’s leg was restored and in two weeks time she was discharged from hospital. Now the traumatologists are about to give her a permission to step and do some exercise.

Giorgi Gogotishvili, Keso’s Father 

The surgical procedure lasted over 12 hours. It was not a unique case for our team. From the very beginning not all the patients have an idea about the complexity of the surgery, whenever they realize and see the result, friendship is that follows among us. And, of course, we apparently made friends with Keso. Some years later our patients drop in just to say Hi! We are more than happy to see them. Luckily, people in Georgia do remember the good.

Following the accident the survival of the leg was under question mark.At M.Iashvili Children’s Central Hospital Keso went through the first surgery performed by traumatologist Zura Beruashvili. His team provided first aid to the kid and saved her leg. Afterwards we happened to meet with Mr Sasha. Thanks to the unique surgery that he performed, soft tissues were transplanted to cover the shin.

Tamar Grdzelishvili, Keso’s Mother  

From the very first day Keso was aware of everything, she kept asking what was needed and what was being done to her. The only thing she had no idea about was the transplantation of soft tissues. Having realized the presence of another wound the kid refused to speak to anyone in protest until her birthday. Everyone at Caraps Medline was trying to make her feel happy. My girl made friends with everyone and fell in love with Sasha Kalantarov’s team.