Caraps Medline Clinic is pleased to offer patients high-grade services to be provided by highly qualified specialists equipped with up-to-date technologies. Thanks to innovative techniques along with latest technologies customers have access to diverse top-level services.  

Our Services:

Aesthetic Cosmetology:

  • Facial skin cleaning (with steam, ultrasound);
  • Filling, masks;
  • Chemical filling;
  • Massage: cosmetic, plastic, Jacquet,  bio;
  • Piercing;
  • Natural cosmetics;
  • Make-up (everyday and festive).
  • Facial rejuvenation with a unique method such as Tibetan Sticks (plastic surgery effect without surgical intervention)


Therapeutic cosmetology and dermatology:  

  • Acne;
  • Rosacea;
  • Seborrhea;
  • Dermatitis;
  • Fungal infections;
  • Eczema;
  • Psoriasis;
  • Vitiligo;
  • Alopecia;
  • Removal of spots, capillaries, warts, papillomas, scars.


Cosmetic procedures are performed with up-to-date equipments:

  • Hair removalwith topical anesthesia;
  • D'arsonval treatment;
  • Face-lifting;
  • Infrared diode laser irradiation;
  • Laser;
  • iontophoresis
  • MIO stimulation.



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