Taking care of women’s health is the key precondition to survive on the earth. Every single female should necessarily devote herself to her own safety, comply with health inspection requirements, follow consultations and respond alertly thereupon.  


Performing most arduous endoscopic surgeries with the most up-to-date medical equipments is the major advantage Caraps Medline possesses in gynecology. During intervention a short-duration anesthesia is applied, the probability of trauma is minimal, within two-three days the patient is back to normal lifestyle. The Clinic offers a variety of treatment and 3D and 4D ultrasound scans.  At our Clinic you can have access to the following services:

Laparascopic surgeries on  appendages:
  • Polycystic syndrome;
  • Ovarian cysts of various genesis: (The corpus luteum cyst, follicular cyst, cyst endometrial cyst, dermoid cyst).

Plastic surgeries on fallopian tubes:( hydrosalpinx, sactosalpinx, pyosalpinx, hematosalpinx, adhesion)
  • Laparascopic treatment for  endometriosis;
  • Intraperitoneal pregnancy;
  • Ovarian cyst ruptures (Apoplexy).

Diagnostic laparascopy for infertility and its treatment; Laparascopic as well as laparotomic organ-saving surgeries on uterus:

  • Uterine nodal myoma (conservative myomectomy).


Radical laparascopic and laparotomic surgeries:

  • Uterine extirpation;
  • Uterine amputation;
  • Complete and incomplete utero-vaginal prolapse (uterine descent,promontofixation);

Cystocele-rectocele: (uterine extirpation, the anterior(front) or posterior (rear) colporrhaphy, perineorrhaphy)

Laparascopic surgeries for congenital pathologies:

  • Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome: (laparascopic formation of a vagina (colpopoiesis);
  • Cervical insufficiency;
  • Hematometra, mucometra;
  • Hysteroscopy;
  • Diagnostic Hysteroscopy;
  • Endometrial polyp;
  • Cervical polyp;
  • Uterine submucous myoma;
  • Endometrial hyperplasia;
  • ndometrial glandular hyperplasia.


Polycystic syndrome
Ovarian cysts of various genesis: (The corpus luteum cyst, follicular cyst, cyst endometrial cyst, dermoid cyst)

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